Get to know our History and some facts that have marked Brazil and the world.

1912 – The beginning of its operations as an individual company, called “Cypriano Micheletto”.
- In 1911, the Air Conditioner was invented.
1918 - The company produces the first mechanical lathe in Brazil.
- In Russia, Lenin leads the Bolchevique Revolution.

1919 - Beginning of the production of Screws.
- In this year the credit card made its debut.

1963 - The company takes on the name of Indústrias Micheletto S.A.
- In 1962, Brazil wins the World Soccer Championship for the second time, revealing Garrincha to the World.

1965 - Beginning of the exportations and the Sales Office in São Paulo.
- In 1966, Iguatemi, the first mall in Brazil, opens in São Paulo.

1967 - The company becomes incorporated.
- In 1968, Xerox launches the first photocopier.

1972 - Beginning of the operations in the Minas Gerais Plant.
- In 1971, the pocket calculator was invented.

1982 – Shut down of the Production of Mechanical Lathes.
- IBM launches the PC, in 1981.

1987 - Beginning of the production of blind aluminum rivets.
- In this year, Brazilian Race Car Driver Nelson Piquet won his third Formula One championship.

1997 - ISO 9001Certification.
- Asia Financial Collapse, influencing the global economy.

1999 - QS 9000 certifications and licensing and technology transfer agreement with the EJOT company, German world leader in plastic screwing.

Indústrias Micheletto S.A.: a sure presence in the future.

2004 - A leading company in the manufacture of pipes and profiles acquired Indústrias Micheletto. Since the acquisition of Mitto, Comafal has invested heavily in infrastructure, the modernization of its line of production, and the human capital. All this investment is being made in order that we can keep on improving our quality management process, and taking better care of the most unique needs of our customers.

2007 - This year marks the tenth anniversary of Micheletto, offering a differential of maximum quality in its products, with the Quality System based on the ISO 9001/2000. The Micheletto Quality System was implemented in order to better meet our customers’ needs and the requirements of the market, always relying on our credibility and offering the best in the market in terms of quality.